About Me

Vegan, feminist, tree hugger, in love with cows, I feel like nature, my blood is sap.  Connected, I’m an animal, faithful to mine.

Strangely, I’ve been walking this far and yearn to go further.  I know the strength of rebirth that comes from my roots, which make me a tree, and that is why I react to the seasons;  Icy, defoliation.  Warm, I blossom.  Moon in Cancer with ascendant Gemini I was born in the summer and, even if it rains, revolutionary, I will always be, sun in an Aquarium. 

Brazilian from São Paulo. I have a degree in Social Communication, my bachelor’s degree is in Radio and TV.  Postgraduate in Cultural Management: Culture, development, and market.  In June 2019, I moved to Australia, in the middle of the first year of the worldwide pandemic generated by Covid, while still living in Melbourne, I graduated, with many adversities, in Yoga, I can say that the course, which adapted to be completed in an online way, made me just a good practitioner today.  I am currently studying for a diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Currently traveling in a Ford Transit around Australia, I am a digital nomad working with social media, creative writing, and content production. I have eleven years of experience in casting production for advertising, film, and image planning. 

Looking for things that I don’t know how to name, I follow along with the Earth revolving around the sun, in an attempt to fail better because not making mistakes is impossible.